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Starwatch: keep an eagle eye out for Aquila in full flight09/26/22
Target Venus not Mars for first crewed mission to another planet, experts say09/25/22
Nasa’s Dart probe to smash into asteroid in first Earth defence test09/25/22
Nasa delays Artemis 1 moon rocket launch again as tropical storm Ian looms09/25/22
Will we ever see pictures of the big bang? We ask an expert09/23/22
Dozens starstruck at Northumberland dark skies mass trespass09/23/22
Water found in asteroid dust may offer clues to origins of life on Earth09/22/22
Neptune and its rings shown in striking new light by Webb telescope09/21/22
US astronaut and Russian cosmonauts arrive at International Space Station09/21/22
‘It’s not a banger’: response to Space Force official song is less than stellar09/20/22
Meteoroid shock waves help scientists locate new craters on Mars09/19/22
Meteoroid shock waves help scientists locate new craters on Mars09/19/22
Astronomer Virginia Trimble: ‘There were 14 women on the Caltech campus when I arrived in 1964’09/17/22
Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2022 – winning images09/16/22
Fireball seen over UK confirmed as meteor after day of confusion09/15/22
Saturn’s rings the remnants of a moon that strayed too close, say scientists09/15/22
Fireball over Scotland and NI no longer thought to be Elon Musk ‘space junk’09/15/22
Fireball seen over Scotland and Northern Ireland was ‘space junk’, say astronomers09/15/22
Fireball spotted crossing the night sky over Glasgow – video09/15/22
‘Incredible’ fireball crosses sky over Scotland and Northern Ireland09/15/22