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Asteroid 2023 BU about to pass Earth in one of closest ever encounters01/26/23
Nasa to test nuclear rockets that could fly astronauts to Mars in record time01/24/23
Space dust from 4.2bn-year-old asteroid could hold key to preventing cataclysmic collisions with Earth01/24/23
As a girl, I was thrilled by the night sky. Must my son grow up without seeing the Milky Way? | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett01/24/23
Exotic green comet not seen since stone age returns to skies above Earth01/23/23
Starwatch: Mercury up before the sun – but only in the southern hemisphere01/23/23
Dark energy ‘chameleon trap’ wins £100,000 prize for Nottingham scientist01/22/23
Dark energy ‘chameleon trap’ wins £100,000 prize for Nottingham scientist01/22/23
Over the moon! Buzz Aldrin marries ‘long-time love’ on his 93rd birthday01/21/23
Light pollution rapidly reducing number of stars visible to naked eye, study finds01/19/23
Starwatch: Venus outshines Saturn in twilight conjunction01/16/23
‘Wings like cracked eggshells’: Richard Branson faces turbulence over safety of space flights01/14/23
I watched as LauncherOne aborted its mission – it reminded me of an important truth about failure | Maggie Aderin-Pocock01/13/23
US government logs more than 500 UFO reports with hundreds unexplained01/12/23
Attack from space would trigger collective defence, say US and Japan, amid China fears01/12/23
Image of star cluster more than 10bn years ago sheds light on early stages of universe01/11/23
Russia to launch mission to rescue stranded ISS crew after meteoroid strike01/11/23
UK space launch: does failure spell end of Britain’s ambitions?01/11/23
Wednesday briefing: Does failure to launch spell the end of the UK’s space ambitions?01/11/23
Meteor reported blazing across sky in parts of UK01/10/23