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How 3 hours of inaction from Amazon cost cryptocurrency holders $235,00009/23/22
Starlink is getting a lot slower as more people use it, speed tests show09/23/22
Artist receives first known US copyright registration for generative AI art09/22/22
AI model from OpenAI automatically recognizes speech and translates it to English09/22/22
Fearing copyright issues, Getty Images bans AI-generated artwork09/21/22
The record-setting DDoSes keep coming, with no end in sight09/21/22
Artist finds private medical record photos in popular AI training data set09/21/22
$35M fine for Morgan Stanley after unencrypted, unwiped hard drives are auctioned09/20/22
Comcast promises huge boost to cable upload speeds by end of 202309/20/22
Nvidia’s powerful H100 GPU will ship in October09/20/22
Deepfake audio has a tell and researchers can spot it09/20/22
AI software helps bust image fraud in academic papers09/19/22
Kiwi Farms has been breached; assume passwords and emails have been leaked09/19/22
Artists begin selling AI-generated artwork on stock photography websites09/16/22
Twitter pranksters derail GPT-3 bot with newly discovered “prompt injection” hack09/16/22
Uber was breached to its core, purportedly by an 18-year-old. Here are the basics09/16/22
Trojanized versions of PuTTY utility being used to spread backdoor09/16/22
Have AI image generators assimilated your art? New tool lets you check09/15/22
Microsoft Teams stores cleartext auth tokens, won’t be quickly patched09/15/22
New AI assistant can browse, search, and use web apps like a human09/15/22