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Cancer cells spread aggressively during sleep06/23/22
New research shows that prehistoric Megalodon sharks — the biggest sharks that ever lived — were apex predators at the highest level ever measured06/23/22
UK’s earliest hand axes were made by ancient humans 560,000 years ago06/23/22
Scientists emulate nature in quantum leap towards computers of the future: First ever quantum circuit06/23/22
A chemical CRISPR off switch efficiently controls gene editing06/22/22
Citizen Science as an Ecosystem of Engagement: Implications for Learning and Broadening Participation | BioScience06/22/22
Study links obsessive passion and social alienation to support for political violence06/22/22
Breast duct treatment for early breast cancer eliminates all signs of disease in laboratory experiments06/22/22
Reducing air pollution can support healthy brain development. Scientists have found children born to mothers who had used the air cleaners had an average FSIQ that was 2.8-points higher than the group that did not use an air cleaner during pregnancy.06/22/22
National incident declared after UK health officials detect polio virus in London sewage samples06/22/22
A new global study of 46,752 tree species shows that many of them are under substantial pressure and poorly protected06/22/22
Research has found older men and women ages 63 to 84, who were exposed to any amount of light while sleeping at night were significantly more likely to be obese, and have high blood pressure and diabetes compared to adults who were not exposed to any light during the night06/22/22
Breath odor-based individual authentication using an artificial olfactory sensor. New sensor capable of identifying individuals by analyzing the compounds in their breath with an average accuracy of more than 97%.06/22/22
Exclusive Breastfeeding in the 3- to 6-month age range has significant positive associations with child development, especially for communication, gross motor, and problem-solving06/22/22
Feeling younger can help us rehabilitate faster. Even in old age, feeling young can decrease chances of developing physical disability and morbidity06/22/22
Psilocybin-Induced Mystical-Type Experiences are Related to Persisting Positive Effects: A Quantitative and Qualitative Report06/22/22
A list experiment on preference falsification during the Russian war against Ukraine06/22/22
T-cells in bone marrow work to drive inflammatory multiple sclerosis attacks. Myelin-reactive T-cells migrate to the bone marrow to promote the growth of myeloid cells that contribute to inflammation. Disrupting these processes could be a therapeutic approach for MS06/22/22
Women in science receive less credit for their work than men do. Study published today in Nature finds that women were 13% less likely than men to be named as authors on research projects they worked on and 59% less likely to be named on patents.06/22/22
Early life adversity and increased antisocial and depressive tendencies in young adults with family histories of alcohol and other substance use disorders06/22/22