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Rules of the Game: How Martin McDonagh Satirizes Masculinity11/28/22
What Nope’s Sound Design Can Teach Us About Terror vs. Horror11/25/22
The Heartfelt Long Con of ‘Better Call Saul’11/24/22
What We Can Learn From the English Code Switching in ‘Parasite’11/23/22
‘Strange World’ Explores the Familiar By Way of the Unknown11/23/22
How Does the Cast of ‘The Addams Family’ Compare to the Original New Yorker Cartoons?11/22/22
Jenna Ortega Makes Teen Mystery ‘Wednesday’ Worth Watching11/21/22
A Beginner’s Guide to Identifying Movie MacGuffins11/21/22
Chris Brewster Read a lot of Comics to Design the ‘Black Adam’ Fights11/19/22
‘Dead To Me’ Ends With Its Best Season Yet11/18/22
‘Falling for Christmas’ Invites Audiences to Fall in Love With Lindsay Lohan All Over Again11/18/22
How to Un-F*ck Your Default TV Settings11/18/22
‘Holy Spider’ Is a Compelling True Crime Tale That Idolizes Its Killer11/18/22
The Existential Comforts of Cyberpunk11/16/22
‘The Crown’ Has Finally Lost Some Luster in Season 511/15/22
How ‘Tetsuo: The Iron Man’ Embodies 1980s HIV/AIDS Anxieties11/15/22
What’s New to Stream on Amazon Prime for November 202211/15/22
“The Inspection” Is An Intensely Personal Boot Camp Drama11/14/22
A Fast and Furious History of the Home Theater11/14/22
‘Andor’ Asks Us to Climb Toward Rebellion11/12/22
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