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Laura Vitale's Chicken Meatballs with Creamy Parmesan Sauce01/22/23
Laura Vitale Makes Rigatoni with Chicken & Ricotta01/19/23
Check out my latest recipe for more ramen cheats! #shorts #cookingtips01/15/23
Laura Vitale Makes "Cheat" Ramen01/14/23
Thank me later! Your 🍄 don’t want water! #cookingtips #shorts01/11/23
Laura Vitale Makes The Best Ham and Bean Soup with Cheat Cornbread01/09/23
Laura Vitale Makes Asian Sesame Chicken Salad with the Best Dressing Ever01/06/23
Laura Vitale Makes The Best Shrimp Cocktail12/22/22
How well do you know me? Let’s find out.12/18/22
Laura Vitale's Spicy Garlic Focaccia12/17/22
Laura Vitale's One-Pan Smashed Crispy Potatoes12/14/22
Laura Vitale Makes Apricot Glazed Tenderloin12/11/22
Did she just say to freeze citrus?? Indeed I did.12/10/22
It’s important to choose the right chocolate for the job! #cooking #shorts12/08/22
Laura Vitale Makes Eggnog Baked French Toast12/07/22
Let’s get into the spirit with this simple tip! #cooking #shorts12/07/22
Laura Vitale Makes French Onion Puffs12/04/22
Laura Vitale Makes Cranberry Rosemary Roasted Chicken11/30/22
Don’t over cook that pasta! 🍝11/20/22
Laura Vitale Makes The Cheesiest Mac & Cheese11/19/22