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Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

<p>The best startup advice from Silicon Valley and beyond. Iconic CEOs — from Nike to Netflix, Starbucks to Slack — share the stories and strategies that helped them grow from startups into global brands.</p><p>On each episode, host Reid Hoffman — LinkedIn cofounder, Greylock partner and legendary Silicon Valley investor — proves an unconventional theory about how businesses scale, while his guests share the story of how I built this company. Reid and guests talk entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy, management, fundraising. But they also talk about the human journey — with all its failures and setbacks.&nbsp;</p><p>With original, cinematic music and hilariously honest stories, Masters of Scale is a business podcast that doesn’t sound like a business podcast.</p><p>Guests on Masters of Scale have included the founders and CEOs of Netflix, Google, Facebook, Starbucks, Nike, Fiat, Spotify, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber, Paypal, Huffington Post, Twitter, Bumble, Slack, Spanx, Shake Shack, Dropbox, TaskRabbit, 23andMe, Mailchimp, Evite, Flickr, CharityWater, Endeavor, IAC and many more.</p>

Rapid Response: Flipping your strategy in a volatile market, w/Zillow's Susan Daimler09/22/22
Strategy Session: How to stay inspired while remote? Why do you celebrate wins? Is there a co-founder advantage?09/20/22
Rapid Response: Charging toward a clean energy future, w/EVgo's Cathy Zoi09/15/22
91. Microsoft’s Satya Nadella: Why we need re-founders09/13/22
Rapid Response: How we served 150 million meals in Ukraine, w/José Andrés of World Central Kitchen09/08/22
118. The Wrongness Playbook, part 2, w/Patreon's Jack Conte09/06/22
Rapid Response: Holding business accountable from Meta to McDonald’s, w/Color of Change’s Rashad Robinson09/01/22
117. Get great at being wrong, part 1, w/Patreon's Jack Conte08/30/22
Rapid Response: Amazon’s plan to be big, green, and beloved, w/AWS CEO Adam Selipsky08/25/22
Strategy Session: How to build trust in a brand-new space? How do you balance limited cash and big ambitions?08/23/22
Rapid Response: "You should be running toward AI," w/Eric Schmidt (frmr Google CEO)08/18/22
116. How to take creative leaps — and land them, w/Future Shape's Tony Fadell08/16/22
Rapid Response: Playing offense in adversity, w/Target’s Brian Cornell08/11/22
47. Bill Gates: How to accelerate history (Part 1)08/09/22
Rapid Response: How to decarbonize your business, w/John Doerr, partner at Kleiner Perkins08/04/22
Five ways to burnout-proof your organization08/02/22
Rapid Response: What the crypto crash teaches us all, w/Chainalysis’s Michael Gronager07/28/22
Need to Know, w/Reid & Bob: Business withdrawals from Russia, strife at Netflix, Musk vs Twitter, the business world’s role in democracy, Crypto’s future, & more07/26/22
Rapid Response: Turning tears to action, w/Planned Parenthood’s Alexis McGill Johnson07/21/22
115. Drive full-speed at opportunity, w/AKQA’s Ajaz Ahmed07/19/22