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GitLab’s 2023 predictions: What’s next for DevSecOps?01/26/23
4 approaches to GitLab integrations01/26/23
Git security audit: Inside the hunt for - and discovery of - CVEs01/24/23
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Get to know the new GitLab typefaces01/17/23
Self-managed support extended to GitLab for Jira App01/12/23
GitLab Patch Release: 15.7.301/11/23
Monitor your web attack surface with GitLab CI/CD and GitLab Pages01/11/23
DevSecOps platforms give SMBs security muscle01/10/23
Visual guide to incident metrics01/09/23
GitLab Security Release: 15.7.2, 15.6.4, and 15.5.701/09/23
GitLab Patch Release: 15.7.101/05/23
Vestiaire Collective VP shares wins, insights, and what's next with DevSecOps migration01/05/23
Secret Detection update: Leaked Personal Access Tokens will soon be revoked01/04/23
DRY development: A cheatsheet on reusability throughout GitLab01/03/23