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Jake Wharton

Report card: Java 19 and the end of Kotlin10/21/22
Report card: Java 19 and the end of Kotlin09/20/22
Build on latest Java, test through lowest Java05/17/22
Slope-intercept library design04/05/22
The state of managing state (with Compose)11/11/21
Multiplatform Compose and Gradle module metadata abuse11/04/21
Gradle dependency license validation06/08/21
Case-insensitive filesystems considered harmful (to me)06/04/21
Cross-compiling static Rust binaries in Docker for Raspberry Pi05/27/21
Migrating from Burst to TestParameterInjector04/15/21
Integration verbosity and good layering04/07/21
AssistedInject is dead, long live AssistedInject!03/31/21
A Jetpack Compose by any other name12/30/20
Treating Dockerfiles as shell scripts12/03/20
Peeking at command-line ANSI escape sequences10/28/20
Smaller APKs with resource optimization09/01/20
Shrinking a Kotlin binary by 99.2%08/24/20
Wire Support For Swift, Part 108/19/20
Sixteen corners08/06/20
R8 Optimization: Lambda Groups04/30/20