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Releasing Software with Tommy McClung06/20/22
Eric Potter on F# and .NET Interactive Notebooks06/13/22
Azure Cosmos DB Repository .NET SDK with Billy Mumby06/06/22
Temporal with Maxim Fateev & Dominik Tornow05/23/22
gRPC in .NET 6 with Anthony Giretti05/02/22
The Latest on RavenDB with Dejan Milicic04/26/22
Postman with Nate Taylor04/11/22
DevSecOps with Sandy Carielli & Janet Worthington04/04/22
WireMock with Andrew Morgan03/28/22
Fundamentals of Software Architecture with Neal Ford03/14/22
Accessibility First with Alexander Lemkin03/07/22
Jerome Pascua: Rootines using Azure Apps, Azure Functions, Cosmos DB and more!02/28/22
.NET Turns 20 and Clean Architecture with Steve Smith02/21/22
SecOps with Allie Mellen02/14/22
Pro Microservices in .NET 6 with Whitesell, Rich, and Groves02/08/22
All About Couchbase with Matt Groves01/31/22
Azure Container Apps with Kendall Roden01/24/22
PurpleTeam with Kim Carter01/18/22
Power Automate and Power Platform with Barret Blake01/10/22
226 – Mary & Tom Poppendieck: Software Engineering01/04/22