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Using Live Templates to improve Android Development Productivity06/23/22
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Anyone experiencing delay in Admob payment, no holidays but I still didn’t receive the payment notification email yet and it is 22nd June . From Nigeria06/22/22
admob payments delayed for June?06/22/22
Wrote about one of my favorite #AndroidDev productivity boosters - 'Live Templates'. This article includes details about using the built-in ones, and about creating custom ones to share with your team. This is designed to be a very quick read.06/22/22
I'm suffering from perfectionism disease in programming. What can I do to get rid of this disease?06/22/22
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Android Studio Dolphin Beta 4 now available06/22/22
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my sdk dont work since yesterday06/22/22
how to give one (raw/file001.jpg) multiple names so that by calling any of those names you get same file001.jpg from /raw06/22/22
DataStore preferences as StateFlow in GlobalScope06/22/22
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Your Google Play Developer account has been terminated !06/22/22
Wireless debugging - unlock phone and activate screen automatically on debug start06/22/22