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Curious Perversions in Information Technology

CodeSOD: A Valid Call09/26/22
Error'd: Ixnay09/23/22
Model Years09/22/22
CodeSOD: The Base Model09/21/22
Editor's Soapbox: TODO: Post an Article09/20/22
CodeSOD: Bitmaps and Streams09/19/22
Error'd: Taking the Piss09/16/22
Version Numbers09/15/22
CodeSOD: Walking is your Duty09/14/22
CodeSOD: Up the Garden Path09/13/22
CodeSOD: Undefined Variable09/12/22
Error'd: Crowneisseurship09/09/22
CodeSOD: Oh, Poop09/08/22
CodeSOD: Enumerating Your Plants09/07/22
Not-so-Simple Network Management Protocol09/06/22
Classic WTF: Security By Oblivity09/05/22
Error'd: Pub Kick09/02/22
CodeSOD: Latrinalia09/01/22
CodeSOD: Observable Queries08/31/22
Internal Networking08/30/22