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Movies With Plane Scenes Where Nothing Bad Happens?06/22/22
Worst movie you’ve seen so far this year! Go!06/22/22
During filming for the Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola was worried about being replaced with a new director. So he fired all the people in his team who were lobbying to get him out.06/22/22
Top 10 A24 Movies | A CineFix Movie List06/22/22
Michael J. Fox Will Be Awarded Honorary Oscar For Parkinson's Advocacy06/22/22
Ethan Hawke would have made for a bad ass evil Doctor Strange.06/22/22
Religious Cloverfeild Knock Off06/22/22
Paramount Celebrates Tom Cruise, Touts ‘Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ & More – CineEurope06/22/22
What are some detail-oriented post-apocalypse movies / series?06/22/22
Gangs of Wasseypur turns 10: The sustained success of Anurag Kashyap’s gangster epic, one of the most influential films of the last decade06/22/22
Jerry and Marge go Large - What if Up's montage had a happy ending06/22/22
Jamie Lee Curtis’ Comet Pictures And Blumhouse Developing Lizzie Johnson’s ‘Paradise: One Town’s Struggle To Survive An American Wildfire’ As Feature FIlm06/22/22
Birthday Of (Movie Army Of Darkness) Actor Bruce Campbell 64.06/22/22
Two of my all time favorite movies! If you haven’t seen them yet I highly recommend you give them a watch!06/22/22
Evil Dead Actor Bruce Campbell Turns 64.06/22/22
Evil Dead's 1981 Actor Bruce Campbell Turns 64.06/22/22
Cheesy sci-fi dystopia anyone?06/22/22
Official Character Posters for 'Bullet Train'06/22/22
10 years ago today Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter released in theaters.06/22/22
The Nutty Professor II: the worst comedy sequel EVER???06/22/22
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