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The 100% Markdown Expedition09/08/22
Merging two GitHub repositories without losing commit history08/29/22
Neural Machine Translation Engine for Firefox Translations add-on06/29/22
The JavaScript Specification has a New License06/27/22
Fuzzing rust-minidump for Embarrassment and Crashes – Part 206/23/22
Hacks Decoded: Bikes and Boomboxes with Samuel Aboagye06/16/22
Everything Is Broken: Shipping rust-minidump at Mozilla – Part 106/14/22
Training efficient neural network models for Firefox Translations06/07/22
Improved Process Isolation in Firefox 10005/12/22
Common Voice dataset tops 20,000 hours04/28/22
MDN Plus now available in more regions04/28/22
Adopting users’ design feedback04/21/22
Mozilla partners with the Center for Humane Technology04/13/22
Performance Tool in Firefox DevTools Reloaded03/30/22
Introducing MDN Plus: Make MDN your own03/24/22
Mozilla and Open Web Docs working together on MDN03/17/22
Announcing Interop 202203/03/22
A new year, a new MDN03/01/22
Version 100 in Chrome and Firefox02/15/22
Improving the Storage Access API in Firefox02/08/22