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David Popa's Ephemeral Earth Murals Offer a Glimpse into the Profound Mysteries of our Existence01/28/23
The Standard Hotel in Ibiza Channels the Brand’s Californian Origins as it Celebrates the Island's Mediterranean Character01/25/23
Pedagogy and Architecture Come Together in a Madrid School Designed as a Complex Ecosystem01/22/23
Domhnall Nolan Designs a Sex Furniture Collection of Subtle Sophistication and Whimsical Versatility01/19/23
More Than White: A Monochromatic House in Alicante Belies a Complexity of Patterns and Finishes01/17/23
Caspar Schols Takes the Concept of Lodging Once Step Further with ANNA Cabin01/14/23
Neri&Hu Design a Café in Downtown Shanghai That Highlights the City's Architectural Heritage01/11/23
A São Paulo Apartment Blends Contemporary Design with Brazilian and Scandinavian Mid-Century Modernism01/07/23
Andrew Trotter's Latest Country House in Puglia Draws Inspiration from the Region's Coastal Villas01/03/23
Joanna Laajisto Combines Mid-Century and Industrial Elements in a Neapolitan-Style Pizzeria in Helsinki12/30/22
Anima: Laurent Grasso Upends our Sense of Temporality with an Installation in Paris that Blends Art, Animism and Spirituality12/28/22
Studio Modijefsky Pays Homage to the Amsterdam School’s Eclectic Playfulness in an Amsterdam Bar12/24/22
Aethos Ericeira: A Retreat in Coastal Portugal Reinvents Luxury Hospitality for Wave-Chasing Surfers and Slow Living Enthusiasts12/21/22
Villa Petricor: A Sculpted Monolithic Canvas Amid a Tropical Garden in Tulum, Mexico12/18/22
Yatzer Transforms its Creative Studio in Athens into a Verdant Dreamscape to Celebrate its Second Limited-Edition Collection of Statement Pieces12/13/22
Rina Lovko Marries Classic Parisian Elegance with Contemporary Minimalism in a Kyiv Apartment12/13/22
Job Smeets Explores America' Fading Cultural Hegemony with Whimsical Insightfulness in a Solo Show in New York12/11/22
Luis Mexicantina in Gdynia Takes a Page from Luis Barragán's Emotional Architecture12/08/22
Kim Simonsson's Ceramic Posse of Moss Children Roam a Nature-Stricken Wasteland12/07/22
Alex Holloway's London Apartment is a Testbed for the Innovative Ideas of his Interior Design Studio12/06/22