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Casa Somos Suenos: A Derelict Neoclassical Townhouse in Athens is Revived with Nostalgic Soulfulness09/26/22
An Australian All-Day Restaurant in London is an Urban Oasis of Art Deco Glamour09/24/22
Alexander & Co Injects Rich Materiality and Sculptural Elegance into a Cliffside House in Sydney09/21/22
A Tech Company's Warsaw Office Gives Out Some Serious Mid-Century Modern Vibes09/18/22
An Asian Restaurant in Budapest Mixes Retro-Industrial References with Hong Kong's Urban Grit09/15/22
Dutch Designer Bertram Beerbaum Transforms a Rural Cottage into his Dream Home09/13/22
Helsinki’s Hotel Torni Reclaims its Iconic Status as an Art-Filled Haven of Bohemian Sophistication and Eclectic Playfulness09/10/22
Montreal's Café Constance Captivates the Imagination with its Whimsical Take on Victorian Charm09/08/22
Traditional Chinese Architecture in Dialogue with Contemporary Design in the Mountains of Hangzhou09/05/22
WHITE Hotel in the Azores Gets a Makeover Inspired by the Archipelago’s Volcanic Landscape07/30/22
Mark Foster Gage Reinvents the Architectural Monogram with a Fantastical Desert Retreat in Saudi Arabia07/26/22
An Abandoned Stone-Built Hut in Rural Mallorca Finds New Life as an Off-Grid Retreat07/23/22
A Compact Café in Shenyang, China, Revels in Minimalist Soulfulness07/20/22
Kandinsky’s Art Theories Guide Holloway Li's Low-Impact Transformation of a Munich Office Building into a Lifestyle Aparthotel07/17/22
A Diplomat's Apartment in Rome Reflects the Owner's Discerning Taste and Globetrotting Lifestyle07/14/22
Studio Pim Imbues a Seafood Restaurant in Lisbon with Subtle Nautical Themes07/12/22
A Furniture Factory in Norway Doubles as an Experience Centre and Outdoor Playground07/09/22
Alexander & Co Channel the Tradition of Italian Espresso Bars in a Retro-Industrial Coffee House in Sydney07/06/22
Javier Senosiain Mixes Organic Architecture with Aztec Mythology in a Serpent-Shaped Apartment Complex in Mexico07/03/22
An All-Day Restaurant in New Delhi is a Swirling Wonderland of Fiery Τerracotta and Creamy Terrazzo06/30/22