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Rapid development is main threat to big carnivores: Study01/29/23
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ChatGPT: Study shows AI can produce academic papers good enough for journals—just as some ban it01/27/23
First observation of de Broglie-Mackinnon wave packets achieved by exploiting loophole in 1980s theorem01/27/23
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Growing borrowing costs offset easing inflation, finds consumer survey01/27/23
UV lamps used for disinfection may impair indoor air quality01/27/23
Newly-named species of tree-dwelling snakes threatened by mining01/27/23
Instrument on JWST has gone offline01/27/23
Volcano-like rupture could have caused magnetar slowdown01/27/23
Environmentalists to file lawsuit over Illinois' Bell Bowl Prairie, home to the endangered rusty patched bumblebee01/27/23
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Looking back at the Tonga eruption01/27/23
Movements in proteins reveal information about antibiotic resistance spreading01/27/23
Hubble views bright variable star V 372 Orionis and a smaller companion star01/27/23
Research reveals how redlining grades influenced later life expectancy01/27/23