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Fragmented - The Software Podcast

The Fragmented Podcast is a podcast for Software Developers hosted by Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal. Our goal is to help you become a better Software Developer. We chat about topics such as Testing, Dependency Injection, Patterns and Practices, useful libraries, and much more. We will also be interviewing some of the top developers out there. Subscribe now and join us on the journey of being a Software Developer.

241: The Pressure to Ship. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt01/10/23
240: Important Kotlin Constructs12/15/22
239: Require PR Reviews with CODEOWNERS11/28/22
238: How to Land a Job (if you got laid off or if you're just starting out)11/21/22
237: Compose vs XML - Which one should you learn as an Android Dev?11/14/22
236: A Terminal for Android?10/25/22
235: Pair programming with Ben Orenstein & Tuple09/21/22
234: More Product. Less Architecture?08/08/22
233: UI Screenshot Testing with Paparazzi and John Rodriguez06/29/22
232: Frustration, Flow State and "The Madness"06/13/22
231: Learning Jetpack Compose with Vinay Gaba06/06/22
230: Feeling Like an Idiot05/30/22
229: Native Where You Need It with Turbo (Launch Your Side Projects Faster)05/23/22
228: Expo Development with Konstantin Liakhovskii04/18/22
227: Exotic Car Salesman to Mobile Developer with Ephraim Schmitt04/11/22
226: The Reunion - Themes, VS Code and More04/04/22
225: Don't Give Up - Persevere03/28/22
224: Our Latest Book Recommendations11/22/21
223: Productivity with TODO Apps and Personal Knowledge Management Systems10/11/21
222: Managing Android devices (EMM) with Prabhjot09/27/21