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Testing, Testing, 1–2–3, Is This Thing On?08/22/22
Scala at Prezi: Introduction of ZIO06/14/22
If You Had 90 Days To Make A Dent In The Universe, What Would You Do?04/13/22
The Mother Of All Web App Features01/21/22
Technical Debt, a.k.a. “Not-quite-right-code” at Prezi11/20/20
prox part 4 — simplified redesign08/19/20
Effortless mass change management with Hammurabi06/15/20
In search of speed — debugging Elasticsearch performance06/03/20
Prometheus at Prezi: replacing 10 years of anti-patterns01/06/20
prox part 3 — effect abstraction and ZIO12/02/19
prox part 2 — akka streams with cats effect11/25/19
prox part 1 — type level programming in Scala11/20/19
Evolution of Data Ingestion and Product Instrumentation at Prezi10/30/19