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Bypassing OGNL sandboxes for fun and charities01/27/23
Setting the foundations for compliance01/26/23
100 million developers and counting01/25/23
Introducing the GitHub Bug Bounty swag store01/23/23
Pwning the all Google phone with a non-Google bug01/23/23
Unpacking the value of open source and code collaboration01/20/23
Sunsetting Subversion support01/20/23
Bringing GitHub Actions to GitHub Mobile01/20/23
Unlocking security updates for transitive dependencies with npm01/19/23
How GitHub coordinates product releases with GitHub Projects and GitHub Actions01/19/23
Remediation made simple: Introducing new validity checks for GitHub tokens01/19/23
Dependabot alerts are now visible to more developers01/17/23
Git security vulnerabilities announced01/17/23
3 common DevOps antipatterns and cloud native strategies that can help01/17/23
Game Off 2022 winners 🏆01/14/23
New GitHub CLI extension tools01/13/23
A smarter, quieter Dependabot01/12/23
Passwordless deployments to the cloud01/11/23
Introducing required workflows and configuration variables to GitHub Actions01/10/23
GitHub Discussions just got better with Category Forms!01/09/23