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The CodeNewbie podcast was born from CodeNewbie, an organization which fosters a supportive, international community of people learning to code. Each season, host Saron Yitbarek delivers stories and interviews from people of diverse backgrounds and expertise about their coding journeys, as well as beginner friendly discussions about the tech you should know about.

S21:E8 - How to get into Web3 development (Nader Dabit)09/26/22
S21:E7 - What does it mean to be a part of the software development life cycle (Cliff Craig)09/19/22
S21:E6 - What it looks like to be an apprentice engineer at Pinterest (Alison Quaglia)09/12/22
S21:E5 - What is the Metaverse and what does it look like to build for it (Daniel Liebeskind)09/05/22
S21:E4 - What is SQL and why you should learn it (Sia Seko)08/29/22
S21:E3 - Why learning good documentation skills is so important for leveling up (Eddie Hinkle)08/22/22
S21:E2 - What your bootcamp isn't teaching you (Caitlyn Greffly)08/15/22
S21:E1 - What it looks like to be an AR/VR engineer (Luca Mefisto)08/08/22
S21:E5 - What is the Metaverse and what does it look like to build for it ()08/05/22
Ep. - andy test episode ()06/30/22
S20:E8 - How to be a successful solopreneur (Jennifer Yip)06/27/22
S20:E7 - What we can all learn from the experience of being a neurodivergent developer (Alex Karp)06/20/22
S20:E6 - How to create successful mobile games (Bria Sullivan)06/13/22
S20:E5 - What are some fundamentals of machine learning and AI (Oscar Beijbom)06/06/22
S20:E4 - How to transition from the arts into a career in tech (Jessica Wilkins)05/30/22
S20:E3 - How to think like a CTO (Joel Beasley)05/23/22
S20:E2 - What you need to be prepared for any job interview (Randall Kanna)05/16/22
S20:E1 - Where you can find quality live coding instruction online (Leon Noel)05/09/22
S19:E8 - How being demoted could be the right career move (Kristina Lustig)03/28/22
S19:E7 - How freeCodeCamp has evolved over time (Quincy Larson)03/21/22