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Science News Briefs from around the World: February 202301/29/23
Death, Sex and Aliens: A Surprising History of Slime01/28/23
One Third of the Amazon Has Been Degraded by Human Activities01/27/23
The Right Words Are Crucial to Solving Climate Change01/27/23
How Plants' Plumbing Let Them Conquer the World01/27/23
A Neurologist Answers Questions Patients Might Have about the New Alzheimer's Drug Lecanemab01/27/23
How Antidepressants Help Bacteria Resist Antibiotics01/26/23
Did Plants Domesticate Humans? Watch 'The First Entanglement'01/26/23
What Time Is It on the Moon?01/26/23
How the U.S. Lost Years of Life01/26/23
This Overlooked Scientist Helped Save Washington, D.C.'s Cherry Trees01/26/23
Should You Really Worry about Solar Flares?01/26/23
Making the Entire U.S. Car Fleet Electric Could Cause Lithium Shortages01/25/23
Monkeylike Animals Once Lived in the Arctic, New Fossils Show01/25/23
Why Earth's Inner Core May Be Slowing Down01/25/23
Better Patient Care Calls for a 'Platinum Rule' to Replace the Golden One01/25/23
This Common Aquatic Plant Could Produce Buckets of Biofuel01/25/23
Ants Can Sniff Out Cancer01/25/23
Humans Can Correctly Guess the Meaning of Chimp Gestures01/24/23
Government Researchers Aim for Better--And Cheaper--Batteries01/24/23