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The Standup

A podcast that delves into the obstacles and successes involved in creating, running, and sustaining successful software side projects.

S7E6 - Nobody Just Throws In Cocaine07/18/22
S7E5 - Smack It Like That!06/27/22
S7E4 - My Biggest Toot that I ever Tooted06/01/22
S7E3 - I read your website04/08/22
S7E2 - Sweaty Regulars03/16/22
S7E1 - Wham! Bam!03/01/22
S6E1 - Suede Pumbas02/18/22
S5E1 - Localized to Canada07/21/21
S4E26 - I Don’t Want this Application to Murder Somebody04/01/21
S4E25 - Keith Go Brrr03/18/21
S4E24 - I’m Only Using Notion to Manage My D&D Campaign02/17/21
S4E23 - To All the Standup Soldiers Out There01/28/21
S4E22 - I’m a Salesforce Developer Now01/06/21
S4E21 - Routers on Routers on Routers12/02/20
S4E20 - This Whole Podcast Is About How We Suck at Budgeting Time11/19/20
S4E19 - Sit In the Bathtub and Make It a Public Repo10/16/20
S4E18 - Put a WIP Commit on This Branch08/14/20
S4E17 - I Really Hope the 3rd Part is Profit07/30/20
S4E16 - Hash, Map, Dictionary, Associate Array07/21/20
S4E15 - I'm Literally Transparent07/10/20