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Learn How to Light.

So Long (for Now!) and Thank You.07/01/21
SLC-1L-13: Conservancy Critters06/30/21
iPhone Users: Put an AirTag in Your Camera Bag06/02/21
Notes on the Paul Buff Link 800ws Flash05/29/21
SLC-2L-15: Cross-Pollination02/28/21
SLC-OE-08: Turning the Corner12/31/20
SLC-0L-05: Lighting's Gateway Drug11/25/20
SLC-1L-12: A Garden of Ideas10/27/20
SLC-2L-14: Fill in the Blanks09/24/20
SLC-2L-13: Shoot Through Your Sunset08/22/20
SLC-1L-11: Planting Rice at Sunrise07/13/20
SLC-2L-12: Two-Light Bike for the Bucks06/11/20
SLC-2L-11: The "Magic" of Medium Format05/06/20
SLC-1L-10: [COVID DIARIES] Shoot the Kids03/24/20
Hot-Shoe Go-To: The Godox TT60002/06/20
X-Peditions' 2020 Season AnnouncementUpdate: Completely Filled01/31/20
In Appreciation: The LumoPro LP180 [2013-2020]01/23/20
SLC-0L-04: Red State, Blue State12/19/19
SLC-0L-03: Joker Cinematographer On Light & Color11/30/19
SLC-2L-10: Left Brain / Right Brain10/31/19