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I painted a sunset and wanted to share06/23/22
had my dogs ashes blown into a pendant06/23/22
Vacationing in Maui. Some kid (maybe 11-12 y.o.?) made an ancient temple in the sand.06/23/22
Cyndi Lauper turned 69 today, nice.06/23/22
Grandmother died last night. Sad day for sure but a great soul!06/23/22
no way your grandma ma is as cool as mine06/22/22
Embroidery, but it 90’s cartoons06/22/22
[OC] The Milky Way over the Lone Cypress Tree in CA06/22/22
Swimmer being rescued by her coach after fainting (she is fine and recovering right now)06/22/22
A painting I made from my favorite childhood movie Mars Attacks06/22/22
I’ve been knitting this summer and I love this piece :) I used merino wool and mohair06/22/22
I won the Doritos lottery. 100% American Distilled Nacho Cheese powder. What should I do with it?06/22/22
[oc] what rural germany looks like06/22/22
Grew my hair for 3 years to donate to charity.06/22/22
Met Pete Agnew, bass player for Scottish Rock Band Nazareth, tonight.06/22/22
A pencil drawing i made. [OC]06/22/22
[OC] Dragonfly photo I took today. Probably one of the coolest photos I’ve taken.06/22/22
Kevin biting my arm06/22/22