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The Women in Tech Show: A Technical Podcast

A podcast about what we work on, not what it feels like to be a woman in tech. Hosted by Edaena Salinas, Software Engineer at Microsoft. Website:

S3:E8 – Program Manager (Jhansi Reddy)05/25/21
S3:E7 – Customer-Driven Engineering (Lara Rubbelke)05/04/21
S3:E6 – WordPress and Open Source (Helen Hou Sandí)04/14/21
S3:E5 – Storytelling in Tech (Miri Rodriguez)04/07/21
S3:E4 – Technology in Education (Mickey Revenaugh)03/24/21
S3:E3 – Leadership and Software Development (Shobana Krishnamoorthy)03/16/21
S3:E2 – Product Management (Tracy Mahnken)03/09/21
S3:E1 – Technology in Language Learning (Maya Goodall)03/02/21
S2:E5 – Advertising at Google (Sissie Hsiao)09/21/20
S2:E4 – Technology and Engineering at Intel (Huma Abidi)09/16/20
S2:E3 – Engineering Leadership (Kate Reading)09/09/20
S2:E2 – Design Principles to Combat Domestic Abuse (Lesley Nuttall)09/01/20
S2:E1 – Podcast Technology (Brenda Salinas)08/25/20
S1:E6 – Technology Journalism (Kara Swisher)07/21/20
S1:E5 – Abie Award Series: Cyber Crime (Laura Mather)07/15/20
S1:E4 – Entrepreneurship (Brea Starmer)07/08/20
S1:E3 – User Research (Sarah Hall)06/30/20
S1:E2 – Biotechnology and Water Pollution (María Isabel Amorín)06/23/20
S1:E1 – Abie Award Series: Evolutionary Software Architecture (Rebecca Parsons)06/16/20
Abie Award Series: Anthropology in Tech, and Mass Surveillance (Genevieve Bell)05/05/20