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Researchers detail how ProGen, an LLM trained on 280M proteins, designed proteins with anti-microbial properties that were tested in real life and shown to work (Karmela Padavic-Callaghan/New Scientist)01/29/23
How the "enshittification" cycle, in which platforms first are good to users and business customers before abusing them, has infected TikTok, Amazon, and others (Cory Doctorow/Pluralistic)01/29/23
The White House publishes a roadmap for mitigating risks posed by cryptocurrencies and urges Congress to hasten efforts to create a crypto regulatory framework (Sander Lutz/Decrypt)01/29/23
Toronto-based Smile CDR, which offers services for health and clinical data interoperability, raised a ~$30M Series B led by UPMC Enterprises and others (Charlize Alcaraz/BetaKit)01/29/23
The US Federal Reserve rejected Custodia Bank's application to become a Federal Reserve System member, citing safety risks with the bank's crypto-focused model (Hannah Lang/Reuters)01/29/23
OpenWeb, which helps outlets target readers with ads and manage comments, acquires Jeeng, an audience management service used by over 650 publishers, for $100M (CTech)01/29/23
San Francisco asked California regulators to halt or scale back the expansion of Cruise and Waymo, after repeated incidents with stopped and idle robotaxis (David Ingram/NBC News)01/29/23
Meme-stock mania companies, including GameStop and AMC Entertainment, have raised $4.7B since the hype began in January 2021, but failed to boost performance (Financial Times)01/29/23
Q&A with Princeton CS professor Arvind Narayanan on why he calls ChatGPT a "bullshit generator", his worries over its boom, developing his AI taxonomy, and more (Julia Angwin/The Markup)01/28/23
As the GOP assumes leadership of the US House, antitrust subcommittee's bipartisan efforts to curb the power of big tech shift to a focus on free-speech issues (Bloomberg)01/28/23
Q&A with Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, on having no major Xbox releases in 2022, its outlook for 2023, layoffs, Activision deal amid FTC lawsuit, and more (Kat Bailey/IGN)01/28/23
ShareChat employees and investors shed light on the company's leadership crisis and say revenue has not kept pace with cash burn and the ~$5B 2022 valuation (Moneycontrol)01/28/23
What poet, playboy, and prophet of investment bubbles Charles Mackay, plagiarizing in 1841 on the Dutch tulip bubble, can tell us about crypto's rise and fall (Tim Harford/Financial Times)01/28/23
Gaggle, which offers a tool for monitoring online student communication, says it will no longer flag LGBTQ keywords in assignments after discrimination concerns (Mark Keierleber/The 74)01/28/23, the successor to Jawbone, seeks to dismiss an investor suit for alleged fraud; the startup has raised at least $65M, according to a 2019 filing (Sarah McBride/Bloomberg)01/28/23
Amazon will charge US Prime members delivery fees for Fresh grocery orders under $150 from February 28, changing its free delivery policy on orders over $35 (Kurt Schlosser/GeekWire)01/28/23
Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI told a San Francisco federal court to dismiss a proposed class action suit against Copilot, citing fair use of open-source code (Blake Brittain/Reuters)01/28/23
In its annual report, Intel says the European Commission is revisiting its antitrust case against the firm even after the General Court overturned a €1.06B fine (Stephanie Bodoni/Bloomberg)01/28/23
Filing: the DOJ accuses Sam Bankman-Fried of messaging online FTX US' general counsel, a potential witness, and asks a judge to ban his private communications (New York Times)01/28/23
Twitter says moving forward account suspension will be for "severe or ongoing, repeat violations" of its rules, and users can appeal suspensions from February 1 (Mitchell Clark/The Verge)01/28/23