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Like Mother Teresa, only better.

Sometimes it’s hard07/21/22
Notes to myself, part 307/18/22
Notes I wrote myself, part 2.07/12/22
Notes I wrote myself that I can’t decide are awesome or mortifying. Bit of both probably.07/11/22
What to read this month07/05/22
Get the cake out07/04/22
It’s Friday!07/01/22
Milk is confusing.06/28/22
Baby Jesus doesn’t need your likes. Probably.06/21/22
Ups and downs and ups06/14/22
I need a distraction06/10/22
Hello, strangeling!06/09/22
It’s Friday, y’all.06/03/22
I’M NUMBER ONE.05/30/22
Things I learn and things I never learn05/25/22
Help us, Kenny Chesney05/19/22
Come see me on tour without ever leaving the safety of your couch.05/10/22
Let’s talk about books, baby05/08/22
I’m fimes.04/26/22
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