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Isn’t my whole body pre-cancerous?01/24/23
It’s Friday and you need this01/20/23
Calling all horror aficionados. Let’s get creepy.01/16/23
What to read in January01/12/23
This is not a real post but if you have something you want more eyes on you probably need to read it.01/09/23
What was the best thing you read last year?01/03/23
This is 49.12/29/22
It’s okay to not be okay12/27/22
Every year I say it will be the last and every year I am a damn liar. WELCOME TO THE ALMOST 14th ANNUAL JAMES GARFIELD MIRACLE!12/14/22
It’s Friday. Step into my office. Again.12/09/22
Come read with me12/06/22
There are four kinds of people11/30/22
Be warm. Avoid rug nipples.11/22/22
I’m grateful that I’ve never have to do a gratitude journal.11/16/22
It’s Friday and I’m cuddled up on the couch so come join me but wear a mask.11/11/22
November is for reading11/04/22
What should I watch?10/31/22
It’s Friday. Step into my office.10/28/22