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Like Mother Teresa, only better.

Those damned drug-addicted reading trains are at it again.09/23/22
3 o’clock in the morning me has a point. But I’m not sure what it is.09/20/22
Don’t yell at me for being a good mother.09/16/22
Bitch, it’s Halloween Eve. LET US HAVE THIS.09/12/22
Books? Books.09/09/22
I can’t decide if my “for you” page knows me too well or not at all.09/06/22
Missing: one brain08/31/22
Welcome to my android vagina08/26/22
Where have I been?08/19/22
The end of the beginning. The beginning of the rest.08/10/22
It’s a good month for reading08/08/22
I assure you, I am housebroken.08/01/22
Judy Snarland furever07/27/22
Sometimes it’s hard07/21/22
Notes to myself, part 307/18/22
Notes I wrote myself, part 2.07/12/22
Notes I wrote myself that I can’t decide are awesome or mortifying. Bit of both probably.07/11/22
What to read this month07/05/22
Get the cake out07/04/22
It’s Friday!07/01/22